slot machine logo in borderlands 2

Borderlands has the logo appear without the nVidia voice.
Macweek calls DesignWorkshop "the most direct 3D interface short of a dataglove".
Frida, jojo, charlie, come and Visit us for a Heavenly Experience that is online roulette canada 7 times out of this World, yet wont break the Bank!Road to Utopia : Bob Hope and Bing Crosby are sledding through the Klondike countryside and enjoying the scenery, when something catches Bob's eye: Hope: Hey, get a load of that bread and butter!Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag includes, right after Ubisoft, the Abstergo Entertainment Logo, the The Omniscient Council of Vagueness and Big Bad for the franchise.Leaving the impression that the solar system is in the middle of a storm.Vectorman easily gets the best, where you can play a minigame that might get your game started on later levels if you do well enough and, using an off-screen power-up, you can blow up the Sega logo.The final shot of Who Framed Roger Rabbit combines the closing logo-gimmicks of Warner Brothers and Disney, with Porky play slot for free your birthday Pig stammering his " That's All, Folks!!" and Tinkerbell giving him a parting tap with a magic wand.Desert Demolition has the Road Runner run up to the logo, then jump as Wile.At the end of the crossover episode with Family Guy, the logo appears with the latter show's Peter Griffin heard singing along to the familiar nine-note electric piano theme.300: Rise of an Empire : The WB and Legendary logos are emblazoned on doors in a Greek temple that open to the opening scene.World War Z : The stars graze the water accompanied by the sound of what appears to be a falling missile, while there are muted sounds of war in the background and a darker color scheme.As the opening credits appear, the globe remains on screen and a succession of increasingly modern flying machines (four-engine airliner, Concorde, flying saucer) emerge from behind the Earth.The little boy picking the flower in the 2000's logo gets roundhouse-kicked in jcvd, the Jean Claude Van Damme self-parody film.